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Upcoming Graphic Novel Quorum

Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

This is a repeat announcement about the Graphic Novel Quorum that I will be participating in during this year’s Women Writers Conference, April 22nd. Cricket Press has the privilege of doing other promotional pieces for this conference, but since I’m actually going to be a part of this event I wanted to make sure it got some special attention. My Make Like a Tree partner Jerzy and I collaborated on this poster to help folks know it’s a free-to-the-public event!

If you live in Lexington…you should stop by ArtsPlace! Not just for me, but primarily come for the 3 other incredible, female artists are on the panel: Amy Kim Ganter, Phoebe Gloeckner and Lauren Weinstein!

Gigposters Deck O’ Cards

Thursday, March 23rd, 2006


The second deck of gigposters playing cards are now available for purchase over at Remember that I am gracing the 4 of Hearts! But here are all the other talented artists in the deck:

Little Jacket, Powerhouse Factories Inc., Lars P. Krause, Punchgut, Mike Budai, Craig Horky, Dr. Alderete, Billy Perkins, Justin Kamerer, John Warner, Steve W, Spike Press, Mark Moore, Lonny Unitus, San Miguel, Jagmo, Justin Walsh, Todd Stewart, Alan Hynes, Mark Pedini, Matt Davis, Dimitri Simakis, Lure Design, S. Blake, Devon Varmega, Ezra Pound, John Foster, Mike Murphy, Jamie Ward, GalaxyReno, Tim Huesken, Edward Maddison, Jeff LaChance, Jason Cooper, Tanxxx, Mike Klay, 8Ball, Johnny Crap, Richie Goodtimes, Jesse Philips, Adam Turman, Jeral Tidwell, Malleus, Withremote, Michael Buchmiller, Sara Turner, Travis Bone, BruteFish, Keith G Herzik, Nate Duval, Sasha Barr, Drew Millward, Jon Smith, Michael Michael Motorcycle, Zach Hobbs, Uncle Charlie

So, go support one our favorite sites on the web!




Flatstock 8 Report

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

Brian and I got back from Austin Texas yesterday. The first 9 hours of our 17 hours trek was nothing but torrential down pore…but Flatstock was certainly worth that painful day’s drive. Here’s our booth:


Things started off slow on Thursday and Friday with crowd traffic and sales exploding on Saturday! We sold out of the Flatstock exclusive Box Racers print easily…it was really well received…particularly by girls. Our second most popular poster being Brian’s ‘Scorcher’ bike print! 

But I have to say that some of our favorite moments of the convention came via our buddy Bryce McCloud and his crew Amy and Stacey from Isle of Printing who printed hundreds of letter-pressed soldiers, attached them to helium balloons and organized an Invasion USA from a nearby parking lot!






Here are some more highlights:
-Our booth neighbors; Brian and Adam from Yee-Haw, and the folks at Lure were great to be around.

-Bryce, Amy, and Stacy from IOP; and the extent to which those kids love PIE is endearing.

-Driving the Fowlers around Austin for once, instead of the other way around. We couldn’t fit in their truck because it was full of Dirk’s shoes and hair care products. Me and Dirk stalking Neko Case like two smitten school boys.

-Brian, Jason Munn and Paul buying girly drinks at Polvo’s.

-Pickles, and her effect on her big softie dad, Jared.


-Tons of laughs with the Methane show, and the Vastagh’s utter coolness.Including this lady:

Sales going up!

-Meeting Adam Turman & Clinton Reno, whose talent is off-the-hook amazing - both of them.

-The charm of cool-chicks Allison and Eleanor… can’t wait until next time!

Cricket Press pre-Flatstock 8 update:

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Once again, we’re packing up all our posters and miscellaneous goods and heading southwards to the oasis of bands, beer and BBQ that is Austin, Texas. For those of you not familiar with exactly what Flatstock is, visit here for a primer.

We always look forward to Flatstock because it gives us a chance to catch up with our peers out there in poster-makin’ land, and we always come home with tons of motivation and inspiration. Plus, we get to meet many, many nice folks who stop by to say hello and express appreciation for our work. Another fun Flatstock tradition involves making a poster to promote and/or commemorate the event, and swapping your poster for other artists’ Flatstock posters. Here’s ours, which Sara designed and printed:

So what’s new? Well, a couple of new art prints; namely a little print titled, “Box Racers”, which is going to be available only at Flatstock 8, and to those who have signed up for our 2006 subscriptions (which we still have some spots available). Why? Well, I wanted to do a very limited run piece, and I felt that our first subscription year would be a good enough excuse, plus I thought it would be neat to offer something special to all the folks who attend Flatstock to support the artists. Don’t worry; there’ll be plenty more art prints to come this year…

Like this next one, which is first in a series of bicycle-related art prints.

Also being unveiled at FS 8, is the 2nd set of playing cards. We mentioned earlier that Sara is participating in this set with her design for the Four of Hearts card. These will be available at Flatstock, and through Sara’s art print, based on her card design is also available from our site.

Well, that’s about it for now… Look for many more new posters and goods from us shortly after we return, and keep checking the site periodically for new news and additions. We’ll post an aftermath report (complete with photos) when we get back.
Oh, and if you happen to make it out to Flatstock, please stop by and say hello, we’d like to meet you.


Brian & Sara
Cricket Press

new posters, upcoming stuff

Saturday, March 4th, 2006

a few new posters added to the site this weekend; including Sara’s Edith Frost, her art print from the playing cards series, and my Mogwai poster.

We also posted a few upcoming posters, which are in the works as we speak. One of which will be a Flatstock 8 ONLY art print, which, like it says will only be made available for those who wish to purchase it while visiting our booth at Flatstock. Of course, our subscribers will each get a copy, but other than that it’s pretty limited.