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Last chance for 2006 Subscriptions!

Monday, April 24th, 2006

Just a reminder to let everyone know that May 1st is the last chance to jump on board with a 2006 Cricket Press subscription. At that time, we will officially stop taking new subscribers, whether or not all 10 slots have been filled. We still have some spots left, so if you’ve been thinking about picking up EVERYTHING we make until 2007, you’ve only got about a week to do so.

Here are the details:

As a subscription holder, you get every poster and art print we make for 2006, including a few other odds and ends that don’t neccessarily fall into those two categories. This is retroactive, so if you sign on now, you still get what we’ve made since Jan. 1st.

We guarantee at least 25-30 prints/posters and we’re up to 18 prints this year so far, and it’s not even Summer yet, so you stand to get much more than that. Mailings will go out in two, possibly three installments throughout the year.

For more info and details, go here.

US subscriptions are $250 and all non-US subscriptions are $265. Shipping is included in each price.
We accept PayPal, checks and money orders.

Go here to see everything we’ve made so far this year (well, almost everything!).