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2007 Subscription Plans are HERE!

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

For 2007, we will be offering Two Different Plans.

As a repeat of last year we are offering the Poster Plan. What this means is that each person who participates will receive (one) each of all the posters and art prints that we create throughout the year. Subscribers can count on at least 25 posters and/or art prints (though last year subscribers received 38 gigposters and 10 art prints), plus you will receive any number of various odds and ends that don’t particularly fall into the category of posters and art prints… whatever we feel like throwing in (surprise!).

The second plan, and brand new for 2007, is the Card & Stationery Plan. Over the past year, Cricket Press has concentrated on offering a variety of card-sets, postcards, stationery, etc…all printed in a limited-edition. This plan will allow subscribers to secure one of each set we create through out the whole year. It will be mailed out every other month and domestic shipping is included (like the poster plan). We can guarantee you will receive at least 12 sets plus a number of unrelated surprises. If you are unfamiliar with the cards and other sundry we’ve created…just check out our Cards, etc. page for what we created last year.

Both subscriptions are retroactive…meaning no matter when you sign up, you will get what we have printed since Jan. 1st of 2007. Though, slots for these plans in limited. We are only offering 10 for each plan.

Check out our Subscriptions page for further details.

If you are interested, please email us for availability.
Offer expires May 1st, 2006.