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It may SEEM early…

Thursday, September 20th, 2007


It may seem ridiculous but when you’re in the business of designing and printing greeting cards…now is the perfect time to begin thinking about the upcoming Holidays. This is just a preliminary announcement about getting custom Holiday Cards created by us this season. We’ll of course have numerous in-house designs that we’ll have for sale, but if you are wanting something that is completely your own, a design we work personally with you in creating…then you might want to reserve a slot with us soon. We can only commit to a certain number of jobs around this hectic time of year…so, it’s never TOO EARLY to get in touch.

If you are interested in having Cricket Press design and print your own, custom batch of cards this holiday…please so not hesitate to contact us to ask questions, request pricing and/or to reserve a slot with us.


-never too early-

New Art Print…*Coming Soon*

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

This year I’ve been making a point to produce more art prints. I started a series consisting of girls and their (often times destructive) collections. To be honest…it wasn’t a conscious theme in the beginning. It just happened that the subjects of my prints were somewhat selfish in what they liked to collect…as in living creatures they try to possess. I like to think that this quality is sometimes endearing…like catching lightening bugs in a jar, but in most cases it’s nice to know that the ”collected” find their freedom or rather have their revenge. Overall, this series isn’t trying to say that girls are insensitive or that all living things should never be caged. Instead, it is just a whimsical series…sometimes displaying the simple joy of ownership and other times the possible risks and ramifications of keeping things too close. I may have just thought about it too much, but I believe that is the heart of these pieces, from MY view. Though, these prints are often ambiguous. Not knowing the artist’s thoughts…it’s possible to view the subjects as trying to be helpful. It’s never really clear and completely up to the viewer to decide…and i like that.

Therefore…here is the newest in the series that I will be printing in October. Titled Fox Trap, it will be 5 colors and printed 18″x25″ …being the largest print in the group thus far.