If you haven’t heard of the band Archers of Loaf…they were one of several bands that were first categorized as indie rock. Sprouting in the early 90s from the Chapel Hill scene…for me they were the band that opened my eyes to music alternatives, going to live shows, and scouring record stores for bands on other small labels. They were a gateway to most of the music I listen to today.

And I adored them!

I was able to see them perform numerous times before they broke up in ’98. Unfortunately this was years before I started creating gigposters, but they were always the answer to the question: What band would be your dream gigposter?

To my delight the band reunited for a tour this year…and guess what? I was fortunate enough to create posters for 2 of their dates in Chicago. Everything about working with them was a pleasure. This was a dream job…in every way. This is why I love my job…I get to create and help promote the bands I love.

They are both now available on our site and in our Etsy store.

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